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You are welcome to our website for cng installation in your any make petrol car . we provide complete solution for any gaskit related problem occurring in your car. It is strongly recommended to get your car yuned and cng programmed by only specialist like our unit where u can meet all your requirement. Also contact us for G.P.S installation in your cars. "CNG gaskit in vadodara" "BRC CNG GASKIT IN VADODARA GUJARAT" "lOVATO GNG GASKIT IN VADODARA GUJARAT" "TOMASETTO CNG KIT IN VADODARA GUJARAT" "ZOVALI GASKIT DEALER IN VADODARA" "BEST GASKIT FITTING IN VADODARA" "GASKIT DEALER IN VADODARA"

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Conventional Gas Kit
Conventional Gas Kit INR 0 INR 0 The reducer has been designed by LOVATO to achieved up to the Euro 4th standard. LOVATO RME 090 is a powerful reducer, suitable for high powered cars (from 500 to 4000 CC). Reliable under all working condition and provided superior performance in comfort Lovato the injection interruption, lambda control and timing advance functions for lowest emission and maximum miles conventional (mixer) system have specific vehicle and calibration option as well as diagnostic program. True 1470733248
Sequential Gas Injection System
Sequential Gas Injection System INR 0 INR 0 we have several cng gaskits which are very convient to install in yr petrol car without any alteration best in its class........... no modification in engine easy and fool proof fitting optimum output of every cycle of fuel of cng good pick up conversion done is just a matter of 5 hours average of car increases up to 40 km in 1 kg gas True 1470733355
Fuel GPS Tracker
Fuel GPS Tracker INR 0 INR 0 We offers fuel management & monitoring solution for customers who wish to keep track of fuel refilling, Fuel theft and fuel consumption of their fleets. Our fuel tracker system works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server. So that You can do real time monitoring of fuel volume and fleet tracking With increasing fuel costs, Tracking fuel data is becoming a critical component of any cost saving exercise. Our solution is inexpensive, and customers typically get a return on their investment within few months. Our Fuel Management System offers the most comprehensive solution on the market for knowing exactly how much fuel you have and where it is going. From complete fuel accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft, we keep you and your assets covered. True 1471664358
Rail Injectors IT01 PLUS
Rail Injectors IT01 PLUS INR 0 INR 0 Injector rail for LPG and CNG sequential systems The IT01 PLUS rail injector is designed in two different versions and various configurations, it can be supplied with 2, 3 or 1.5 Ohm coil and is compatible with the majority of the ECUs distributed in the markets. The IT01 rail injector is homologated according to the ECE ONU 67R-01, 110R e 10R-03. IT01 rail injector has been designed to allow easy installation and manteinance: it does not require the setting of the solenoid core, assuring the performance of the injector also after the maintenance, without difficult processes and dedicated setting machinery. True 1474621607
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